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Thread: What the inside of a melted headlight switch looks like

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    What the inside of a melted headlight switch looks like

    Just replaced mine with the upgraded switch.

    Headlights went out on the way home from a date night with the wife.

    Installation took about five minutes; all I needed was a screwdriver and a leatherman. Once I got the face cover off the instrument panel, the black button popped off and I used the pliers part of the leatherman to pull out the entire switch. I was able to pull the entire switch and plug harness out together; the wires came far enough out I could easily just plug the new switch in and test it. No need to go behind the console or take it off. Everything went back in without any issue.

    Here's what the inside of the melted switch looks like:
    2018-10-07 14.09.38.jpg

    Here's a zoom in on the melted part:
    2018-10-07 14.09.34.jpg

    I know ~$70 is no small number but it's worth the time and hassle of getting stranded somewhere at night.

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    Ohhh, this gave me flashbacks.

    Out for a drive one night, about 3 miles from home and I notice a horrible acrid smell, accompanied by dimming instrument lights. I pull off the main road, switch everything off, and open my doors to let the smell out.
    I decided to make a dash for home. About half way there, every light in the car goes dark; headlights, instruments, the lot. Luckily the high beams still worked so I used those to make it back.

    Soon realised it was the switch, it looked just like yours! Installed the DMCH unit, it's been fine since.
    - Martin - VIN 5436 -

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