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    Lift Question

    Crazy question but any possibility that I could remove the body off the frame using a 4 post lift ?( without being to creative)

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    You mean the kind with a ramp on the left/right sides, that runs from front to back? That lifts the wheels up instead of the frame/body?
    I donít see how that could be used to separate a Delorean.
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    Not easily, you can't get the ramps far enough apart to clear the suspension. If you removed the entire suspension you might be able to clear the shock towers and rear frame (the two widest parts of the car) but you would really want to measure that, and the inside of the lift ramps, first!

    Twin post lift makes it pretty easy, the hard part about that is getting the body off the lift (an on to a trailer etc.) while you work on the frame, unless you don't need the lift for a couple of weeks (up to a year, depending on how fast you work).
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    Thanks for the reply , more like a dumb question then crazy

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    Actually you could use a 4 post lift to lift the body of the frame. You would raise the lift just enough to get the car under, attach the body to the lift with straps, and then raise the lift to get the body high enough to remove the frame. After you roll the frame out, lower the body onto dollies or creepers or something with wheels so you can move the body around. This all depends on how high your lift goes. You need to get the body high enough to clear the frame so you can roll it out from under the body.
    David Teitelbaum

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    I've given this a lot of thought since I too have a 4 post lift in my garage. I believe that what I would do is pretty similar to what Dave T suggested. I did a body/frame separation on my car 6 years ago and when we put the car back on the body, we supported it using 2 engine hoist/shop cranes. We had a crane at teach end of the car supporting the the body at the front 2 or the rear 2 shock tower body mount locations.

    Here is what I mean:

    Were I to do it now, I would use the same methodology, simply having the the car under the lift. I'd rig up a chain fall at the front and rear of the car that was supported by the runways of the lift. Once the chain falls are attached to the 4 body mount points, up up and away! I'd do the math first, but I'm pretty confident that with the lift all the way up, there would be more than enough room to easily roll the frame out.

    With all this said, this is by no means ideal. Yes a 2 post lift is far better suited for a job like this. Still sometimes you do what you can with what you've got. In my case, this is how I'd handle it. I'd still prefer this over doing it manually as I did the last time.
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