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Thread: My gigantic friend vs. my tiny car

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    My gigantic friend vs. my tiny car

    I have a good friend named Everett. Everett is gigantic.

    I have a Lotus named Elise. Elise is tiny.

    This is what happens when they meet.

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    It is a very difficult car to get into!

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    This is consistent with my experience in an Elise.
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    And as I recall it's the same with a Tesla Roadster.

    It was only half as bad if the top is off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    And as I recall it's the same with a Tesla Roadster.

    It was only half as bad if the top is off.
    Yes, that's because the Tesla Roadster used the Lotus Elise chassis.

    I remember seeing a Roadster for the first time and thinking, "Hey, that's so much like an Elise".

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    Thanks for giving me a reason to not totally hate being vertically challenged
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