All too often a newbie buys a car and then finds out what he really bought. All kinds of "hodge-podge" repairs meant to get it going by techs who aren't familiar with Deloreans. Most of us have seen many of them including jumpers to get the fuel pump going, hoses plugged off and things misadjusted on the motor to try to get it to idle, wiring hacks to bypass things, brakes that leak and don't work, bad struts with the torsion bars wound all the way up, tacks to hold up the headliners, bent up LCA's by hack tow truck drivers, and so on. Pretty soon the car IS the POS that they say it is and it is BECAUSE of them. The unfortunate thing about this is the newbie wants to do the "right thing" for the car but is now overwhelmed by the cost of trying to fix the car up. He didn't have it inspected before he bought it, stretched his budget to buy it and now can't drive it and can't afford to keep it. He takes it to a shop like DMC or PJ Grady and they tell him the truth and then they get blamed for it saying that they are trying to rob the poor guy. No one wins and the car's reputation suffers. This story repeats with all too much frequency. For those of us who have been on this forum for a while, we get to see the cycle repeat. Pretty soon we will be seeing all the posts about everyone's broken air conditioning again.