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Thread: Looked at a Nice DMC in June

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    Looked at a Nice DMC in June

    Earlier this year I was asked by a local friend if I knew of anyone who may be interested in his friend's DeLorean. I contacted a friend near Philadelphia who is also a collector, but he was not prepared to buy the car at this time. It was not too long after this that I had my near DMC ownership experience I detailed in another post. After that happened, I decided to see if I could go look at the nice car with the understanding it was not something I could currently afford. The owner was very glad to show me the car and needless to say I was very impressed. He was about to move to Florida which he since has, and the car has been sold to a new owner in California. It is VIN 3900 Black Interior 5 Speed.

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    Keep your eyes open. My brother and I both bought DeLoreans within the last few months, and we both spent less than we thought we would.

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    I certainly will keep my eyes peeled. Congrats on you and your brothers purchases, that is really cool that you share the same interest in the cars. This one was very nice but like I said out of my price range and I am gonna hold out for a gray interior. Its just hard to believe its been a few miles away basically my whole life.

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