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Thread: When will I learn? Check the tech manual first!

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    When will I learn? Check the tech manual first!

    So after installing Dave's LED dimmer relay I had a weird problem. My door locks refused to stay locked. I have the door launchers, with actuators on the launchers and solenoid positions as well as the DMC Digital control module so I had all the lights and beeps telling me something was wrong. Since the dimmer relay requires quite a but of fumbling in the relay compartment, I was positive I disturbed a wire so off I went for the next few hours looking to undo whatever I did. I finally tapped out and decided to sleep on it.

    A few days later I found a few hours to mess with it and finally decided to look at the wiring diagram. Maybe it was just coincidence that something messed up. One look and I see it. The inertia switch is part of the door lock circuit? Makes sense to force the doors unlocked in the event of a collision. I would have never guessed.

    For freaking YEARS I have used the inertia switch as a theft prevention device. If I am leaving for an extended period I will unhook the battery and trip the switch just as a failsafe. I sometimes will trip the switch just if I am not driving the car for a few weeks but not lock the car. It's in a locked garage after all. In all these years of using the inertia switch I have never triped it and locked the car(with the battery hooked up)...until the other night.

    I went out to check and sure enough I had tripped the switch after returning home from the last time I drove it in a parade the previous week (sometimes I just hit it if I know I'm not going to be driving it for some time).

    All back to normal now and all could have been avoided by just looking at a tech manual before testing every single wire in the relay compartment.
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    Step one: put your damn safety goggles on

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    Quote Originally Posted by eight8toy View Post
    Step one: put your damn safety goggles on
    LOL! The tech manual made no mention of wearing women's accessories.

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    I did this exact same thing. Pulled the plunger while rewiring for EFI. In the midst couldn't lock the doors. Pulled the lock module, checked everything, finally reviewed the master schematic, slap self in forehead. Pretty much means a rubber mallet is a skeleton key.
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    First, check the tech manual. Second, grow a mustache.
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    Yup. This was one of my censored posts on the DML from like 19 or so years ago in response to someone who had no keys.

    Best theory on how to break into a DeLorean with no damage would be to pop the engine cover, connect a 12V source on the post like you're gonna jump start it (if the battery is dead), jack the car up on the drivers side front, then drop it down to trip the Inertia Switch to pop the door locks.

    Nice safety design, terrible security flaw.

    Wake me when hockey season returns...

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