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Thread: Door headliner trim piece to cover warped edges

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    Door headliner trim piece to cover warped edges

    I was tired with the look of my headliners from outside the car as they had warped long the edge which is visible from the side door windows, I've noticed this on quite a few cars at various gatherings. Essentially my headliners look fine when the door is open, they're not saggy or really in need of re-covering so I installed a set of these trim strips.

    I'm really pleased with the effect, they don't look out of place (to me), and they're so much neater, a side effect is that it also gives a little more sun shading to the driver which I have begun to appreciate now that the sun is getting low on the commute back from work.

    A couple of before/afters...



    'Internal Door Glass Headliner Finishing Trim' from this version installs inside of the door glass so you get a flawless finish on the outside, you can clean/polish your window as normal, and it looks like part of the glass.
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    Looks great

    Some direct links:

    Internally mounted version:

    Externally mounted version (a little easier to apply):

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