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Thread: This year's Summer driving close calls

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    This year's Summer driving close calls

    My summer driving season was fun but not without a few idiots.

    A few months ago while getting off an exit, I noticed a car about 100yds in front of me dart across 3 lanes of traffic to take my exit. I told my wife what a dumbass move that was then I noticed something. The exit ramp splits halfway up and he was straddling the middle section and almost clips the orange warning blocks in front of the barrier. It was at that time I figured out he was trying to predict my moves. I told my wife and she didn't believe me. Sure enough at the top of the exit he had pulled to the side with his fucking phone hanging out the window trying to get that elusive shot.

    One day I was basically at a stop on the interstate in an off ramp lane when a guy comes to a COMPLETE STOP beside me in the traffic lane. The people behind him couldn't care less about a DeLorean, they just wanted to get to work or wherever they were going, but this guy needed a picture. If I realized what he was doing sooner I would have pulled into the side and hid myself behind other cars.

    Finally last night I took my car out for a drive just to see how the new interior illumination mods look. When getting on the interstate behind one of those little ladys that think they need to stay at 40mph the whole length of the on ramp till they try to merge with 70mph traffic, a car darted by me in the left lane, then promptly slammed on his breaks and the passenger has a phone is pressed up against his window. What he didn't consider is the tractor trailer that damn near jacknifed right beside me trying to slow down for that twat.

    I have seen other dumb moves this year but those take the cake. Why do people risk causing an accident and even risk their lives over a stupid tiny blurry image of a car that has millions of perfect pics on a google search? Is their social media profile that important?

    "Saw this on the way to work today! Had to run a family in a minivan off the road to get it. Worth it"

    Oh and let's not forget this assclown, who was so busy fumbling for his camera that he crashed into the very car he was trying to record.
    This is why I slow down or even pull over just as the guy doing 100 is catching up to me.

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    I’ve only had my D for a month and I’ve already had a few close calls from people trying to get a better view. I also had someone completely cut me off the other day, but I suspect that was because his truck was so tall that he probably never saw me. I always take it slow and give myself plenty of space when driving that car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post

    Holy. Shit.
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    According to the guy he hit, the man claimed he had a seizure. IMO people who have seizures behind the wheel need to lose their license. He was messing with his phone, lost control and didn't want to fess up.

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