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Thread: Door alignment and striker questions

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    After reading some old threads I learned NOT to remove those lower screws on the rocker. I popped the rocker down from the pins that protrude from the plate and discovered that the back 6 or so pins/holes were either missing plastic retainer clips or they were badly broken. In addition, whoever it was that put the fender on didn't tighten 2 of the 3 mounting screws on the underside; they were half hanging out.

    I need to replace a bunch of plastic retainer clips, but I've been able to position the fender correctly and get it pretty darned close to perfect (within the realm of Delorean fit and finish that is....) Time to clean up and re glue the outer door seals since they were totally gummed up with old contact cement.

    This car is going to need a good cleaning to get all the fingerprints and grease off the stainless after all this work.
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    All the advice given to adjust things was based on a stock car that did not have body work done. Once things are disturbed it is imperative all of the parts are put back in proper alignment. There is no way you can "adjust" for things out of alignment. There just isn't enough adjustment. Even of the door was not damaged, it may have been tweaked out of position either when the fender was damaged or when the replacement fender was installed in an attempt to line things up. To adjust the striker pins it has to be assumed the door is in good alignment with the fiberglass tub and the other panels. The door should be aligned to the tub and the other panels then adjusted to fit around that. Very hard to do, especially if you have never done it before. You cannot align the door by adjusting the striker pins. You must move the hinges to do that.
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