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Thread: Split orange fuel hose

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    FWIW, stock replacement fuel pumps can be had for $40 if you ever want to go back in the future. Also let me know if you want to sell your dust cover from the old pump, I've never had one on my car.
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    Solved. Your's truly didn't have the float arm attached to the unit correctly and it fell into the tank. Nothing like fishing around in your full gas tank trying to find a metal rod.... thank goodness for shoulder length rubber gloves! Seems to be ready pretty correctly now. Sarah at DMCH sent me a picture of how it is supposed to look.

    For anyone thinking of doing this conversion, ask DMCH for a couple of extra pictures to supplement the instructions. Nowhere within them does it show how to attach the float arm, nor does it mention the large rubber gasket that sits in the tank hole. The latter is pretty intuitive, but the float arm messed me up.
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    Had the same problem with float arm

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