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Thread: Window seal popping out.

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    Window seal popping out.

    Just a small section of the seal on my driver side window above the mirror has started to pop out. I can push it back in, as itís only about two inches, and it stays, then pops back out. I had both window seals, left and right, replaced when I first got the car about 4 years ago and the rubber is in great shape, but this is happening now.
    Any suggestions? Maybe a little bit of silicone in there should hold it in place? Or silicone glue?

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    Sounds like you already answered your own question

    Ya, I would probably just inject some silicone caulk (all purpose should work for waterproof) in there and clamp the rubber back in until it dries. Then use an exacto knife to remove any excess.

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    From what I recall black urethane auto glass adhesive such as 3M Windo-Weld is the right stuff, not silicone.

    Am not saying silicone won't/can't work - am not sure about that. Only that the factory used urethane. Same as all other carmakers do for mounting glass.
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    Thanks guys- I think Iíll try and find the windo-weld and pop that back in and hope it holds up longer than it has.

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    If you're referring to the 'fixed glass finishing' strips, I have the same problem as you. They're not seals, the glass is sealed with urethane to the door and the strip just fills the gap and keeps you from seeing the urethane mess between glass and door. For my situation, my only guess is that the rubber has been shrinking in the heat and is pulling out of the door. I think that a $30 tube of window weld will be overkill and messy so I have a tube of 3m scotch weld rubber/gasket adhesive I'm going to try. Mine seems to only be needed around the corners, the straight areas are still in the door just fine.
    -----Dan B.

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