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Thread: Right front wheel hot, smell burning rubber

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    Right front wheel hot, smell burning rubber

    I've been noticing a burning rubber smell and found that it's my right front wheel(hot to touch) something to do with either the brakes or the axle however I did we build the caliper about 2 years ago. It seems a break fine and doesn't drag that I can notice. Any thoughts?

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    Start by taking that wheel off and inspecting. You can do it after the car has sat or right after you go for a drive and it is hot. You should be able to spin the wheel (or hub if the wheel's been removed) freely with your hands when the car is raised. If it is difficult to turn, that's probably telling you the calipers are sticking. Just seeing what things look like with the wheel off might tell you something too. I wouldn't normally think of brakes sticking as smelling like rubber, so maybe you've got another issue in there. Look and find out. Take a picture or two and post here if you want more opinions on what you see.

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    Is your front end lowered? Possibly the tire is rubbing in the wheel-well?
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    Lifting the weight off the car may increase the space between the tire and whatever is rubbing it. I would look at both tires while the car is resting on the ground. Turn to full lock both directions and look again. Since you mentioned burning rubber I doubt a wheel is getting hot enough to do that. Wheels will get warm from brake heat transferring, but if one wheel is much hotter than the other, then I would look at a caliper dragging but since you mentioned burnt rubber look closely at the tie rod ends or anything touching the inner tire walls.

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    if the brakes are stuck you might be smelling a torched piston dust boot.
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    I had the same problem (drivers side wheel would sometimes get hot from brake sticking) when I first got my car. I rebuilt my front calipers many times, found nothing wrong but it finally stopped sticking. It seemed like the passenger side would release all the brake pressure and not let the drivers side release enough. So your problem may be in either side of the front brakes.
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