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Thread: crooked headlight

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    crooked headlight

    Hi How do you straighten a crooked headlight?

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    A photo would help us see what your seeing.

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    My guess is one or more of the plastic nuts that the headlight adjustment screw goes into is worn out or messed up. Or one of the adjustment screws has come out of place.

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    All the headlights get adjusted the same way. Each light has two adjustment screws and a spring to counter the adjustments. One screw basically lets you do up and down and the other does left and right.

    In theory, it's a simple thing to adjust. In reality, it can be a pain in the rump, mostly because time and the weather aren't kind to the screws or the housings that hold everything. And to access those things to replace them you need to take the fascia off. Which can be a stinker of a job. Not terribly difficult, just a lot of effort to get at the lights. Good time to clean up everything else up front though since it's all coming off and will need to go back together. Good time to repair or replace the rockscreen underneath while in there.

    Here's the headlights page on Houston's website:

    The entire housing is here:

    That's the driver's side one. If you need the passenger side, you'll likely go get it from Ed in Europe as he has had them remade.

    You can buy the screws and plastic nuts separately too if you only need those. The spring tensioners as well are available.

    I did mine last winter as they were a wee bit rusty and wouldn't adjust.


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    If the headlight is crooked it could be because one of the aligner screws is not properly positioned or a spring is out of place. Or maybe the metal clamp that holds the headlight is loose. You have to take things apart and see what the problem is. Very common for the screws to be all rusty so you might have to drill them out and replace them. If the buckets (the part that holds the bulb) are very badly rusted you might have to replace them. Be gentle with the finisher pieces between the headlights, they are very brittle. You will have to bend the rubber fascia a little to get to all of the screws.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC5180 View Post
    A photo would help us see what your seeing.

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    sorry i was having a problem posting the pic from my phone.

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