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Thread: Flywheel inspection plate 101073

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    Flywheel inspection plate 101073

    Wondering if anyone has a picture of this part installed on their car?

    It is a "flywheel inspection plate" and part number 101073. I hadn't realized there even was such a thing until seeing it inadvertently on the parts website. It is the same part on the manual transmission too.

    Makes me think it is meant to be a guard of sorts to cover the exposed lowest portion of the flywheel, but not sure that is right. Can't quite tell how it might look installed to know if my car even has one or where exactly it would be.


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    It does mount to the bottom of the bell housing. Because of the frame it is a real PITA to remove and install so often, if it is removed, it is not reinstalled. Doesn't seem to really matter.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Hi Jonathan,

    Yeah, I bought one and hardware to install as mine didn't have one either (M/T). It's still in my parts cabinet. Dave Swingle said they aren't necessary on the Delorean because of the rearward facing orientation and the location of the frame that shields the flywheel. He also said that if I choose to install it, one needs to remove the bolts on the 2 engine mounts and lift the engine enough to have enough room to maneuver it in place.

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    It would be a bit of a hard part to take a good photo of installed Jonathan, you really canít see it. Iíve got a few Iíve never bothered putting on if you need one

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    Thanks for the explanations. And the practical side of it too. One of my favorite things about working with Dave at Midwest for all those years learning about and fixing my car was the honest advice you'd get. And sometimes the advice was about what your car DIDN'T need. Cheers

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    The part made a lot of sense in a car with the engine facing forward and the flywheel exposed. In the DeLorean the opening faces rearward and is very adequately covered by the frame.
    I usually use that plate as a clutch indicator. If the plate is still there, the clutch is probably original.
    Dave S
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    I tried to buy one, but Dave told me i was better off without it!
    I have since moved on to other things, always with an exposed flywheel and no issues.

    As other have mentioned the orientation of the engine makes the plate non-essential.

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