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Thread: Petition to bring back the 195/60r14 bfg radial t/a

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    So we have two prices listed in this thread. $5K per tire from an unnamed mfgr and $1K per tire from Goodyear. Does anybody have actual quotes from any reputable mfgr that they can share?

    Given the variation in (rumored) pricing suggests there is hope out there somewhere...

    (petition signed, too)
    My 5k per tire was a blind guess that, for enough money, you can make just about anything happen. I don't know if it's _actually_ doable, or what it would cost.

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    Posted to a couple of Facebook groups as well. Our front tire choices are not improving.

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    Only 69 more people needed to sign petition to get to the goal of 500. I realize not everyone thinks this particular tire brand, and this particular tire is the absolute best tire for the car, but this effort is more about demonstrating a critical mass of underserved market potential buyers.

    Thank you in advance for your support on the effort. I think we're all curious to see where this can go.

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    Just signed it, I think it said it was at 436. It is so frustrating that they stopped making these, I used to run the 195/60-14 Radial T/A on the front of my 86 Tbird back in the late 90s.

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