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Thread: DeLorean Expo 2019 - Spokane, Washington

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    There was an issue with the reservation system on Friday that showed the block unavailable due to some nights being filled. If anyone tried unsuccessfully to make a reservation, please email me at or PM me on here and I'll contact the group sales manager about getting you into the block. Sorry for the confusion!
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    Registration closes on May 31st so if you're interested in seeing presentations by Michael Scheffe, Barrie Wills, Oliver & Terry Holler and Toby Peterson plus enjoying a driving tour, car show and camaraderie with your fellow owners in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, register now! No new registrations will be accepted after the 31st or at the event.

    If you've already registered but want to add on the Saturday dinner so that you can take advantage of this rare opportunity to see Barrie Wills in the U.S., PM me here or email me at for an invoice. Meal sales will also close on the 31st so act now if you don't want to miss out!

    See you in Spokane!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Spoiler View Post
    Don't know if this is a good thread to ask if anyone
    will be traveling west on I-90 for the DOA show. We
    would like to join a group if possible and snag you at
    Missoula, MT.
    Four of us are headed to Spokane from Billings! Good to hear from other D owners in the big sky state.

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    Thanks to the triple-R :Randall, Roland and Ronald that made the event go so well! Was a great time, well run and organized, big enough to be fun but small enough to be more of a friendly event. Enough planned to keep us active, but not over scheduled.

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    expo 2019

    how about some photos?

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    Thanks, everybody who attended! It was really nice meeting all you guys!

    These are just my phone pix, look for the ones Roland took with his fancy-schmancy camera in the next issue of DW, LOL...

    In Coeur d'Alene at the Silver Beach Marina:
    IMG_20190606_111151080.jpg IMG_20190606_110323834_HDR.jpg

    At the Floating Green Restaurant:
    IMG_20190606_113413840_HDR.jpg IMG_20190606_114656398_HDR.jpg

    Barrie Wills and Burt Rutan reminiscing about the old days:

    Glenn Vaughn Restoration:

    IMG_20190606_142032822.jpg IMG_20190606_142609816.jpg (that Packard is worth $8 million )

    Silver Auctions:
    IMG_20190606_163303683.jpg IMG_20190606_163303683.jpg IMG_20190606_164359855.jpg

    Terry and Oliver attracting some attention on Friday night:


    Staging for the Saturday car show:


    A beautiful day in the park:

    IMG_20190608_084235328_HDR.jpgIMG_20190608_085236789_HDR.jpg IMG_20190608_085246413_HDR.jpg IMG_20190608_085334201_HDR.jpg IMG_20190608_085456880.jpg IMG_20190608_090521970.jpg IMG_20190608_123542826.jpgIMG_20190608_131549932_HDR.jpgIMG_20190608_122331536_HDR.jpg IMG_20190608_152013450.jpg

    A lot of people were very "happy" to see us

    It was a blast, hope I'll get to see all you guys again sometime!

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