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Thread: new tires and front lowering springs

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    new tires and front lowering springs

    My car needs new tires. Im looking at the Fuzions.
    195 60 14 and 225 60 15. Because my car seems super nose high (even more than others I've seen), Im also ordering pj gradys front lowering springs. Should I hold off on getting the tires installed, and do the springs at the same time?

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    Not all DeLoreans with original suspensions exhibit the same front ride height. Some do look higher than others, as you report.

    As for whether to do the springs when you replace the tires there's no advantage to doing those jobs together aside from avoiding the trouble of removing the wheels twice vs once.
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    I had UK Martins lowering springs, I like them very much but I'm installing coil overs so I'll put my old ones up for sale.

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