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Thread: corvette powered delorean

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    Smile corvette powered delorean

    Anyone remember a delorean I think in California somewhere that was converted with a 350 corvette engine sold for $23,000 about a year or so ago. Wondered how successful that car was. If it worked I"ll bet it was pretty darn fast and maybe more reliable that the original engine. I looked into possibly buying it but backed off thinking it had no long term resale value also missed it by two days. Now I wish I bought it. Wonder how successful that conversion went. Anyone remember? Mary in Montana sending happy holidays.

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    It might be user "Timebender"s car. Vin 7000

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    Yep. That's sounds like VIN 7000.

    From what I heard the conversion was done about 30 years ago by Don Steger at DMC CA.

    So far the car has done pretty well for the current owner. I know that he drives it quite a bit.

    I'm not an engine swap person, but anytime I see a Delorean running and roadworthy with any engine I'm happy!!

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    Hail Mary

    Still haven't found your dream DeLorean?
    Don't give up...

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    corvette powered dmc.

    Been working on a 1978 Chrysler Newport that I thought I was probably wasting my time on as far as resale goes dumped a 40 six pack in it black with black leather interior and even a sun roof new everything everywhere idn't want to see it scrapped or derby démodé. Maybe trade it for a dmc somewhere and low and behold it is this months mopar mag"s centerfold car maybe worth something after all ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary View Post
    [snip] and maybe more reliable that the original engine. [snip]
    I hear this a lot. Can you tell me what is un-reliable about the DeLorean engine? I am serious and no snark. I've had a great run so far during my 217+ K miles and really the only thing that keeps pooping out is the water pump. A lot of talk about the sucky K-Jet lately too - take a deep breath - ready? Mine is still all original, hoses and everything. Not one single issue aside from a mixture adjustment a couple times since my purchase in 2003.

    Is my car just a freak build that is reliable or proof that if it is driven regularly keeps everything in the right?
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    SSDelorean, I genuinely hope that we don't read about your car burning due to cracked, brittle fuel lines leaking. While you may indeed be lucky as you offer as an answer, I would also say not to push your luck. Man made materials age and fail. By running it and using it you are indeed prolonging the life of the entire system IMHO, but the parts are indeed failing, just less noticeably. One day that can be catastrophic. If mine, I would be gradually replacing based on age. Just like tires, it is the age that will creep up on you while you are only watching tread wear.

    Kudos on the reliability of your car.
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    The original hoses seem to age well except for the 2 by the fuel pump and the one on the accumulator. The motor is the most reliable thing in the car if you maintain it well and never overheat it. The most common problems of the motor are neglect from storage mainly affecting the cooling and fuel systems. Next comes hacks by techs who don't know how to properly service the motor and it's systems.
    David Teitelbaum

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