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Thread: Suspension question.

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    Thanks for the replies, I first have to secure the car, we will see if I make an offer if it gets accepted. If I find myself behind the wheel I'll see what my desires are for improving the ride to my liking as well as the look. I find some Deloreans look too high in the front end, they should be a bit lower the the ground, not so much that you can't go over a speed bump without scraping things, just an inch or so lower. I'll stick as close as I can to stock tires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hill Valley PD View Post
    The Eibach springs and shocks kit from DMC is $1,328.00 for the entire kit. I think its about 2K installed from them now. My receipt has it for $949.00 for the kit, but that was 2012. My ride height is a smidge lower than some others I've seen out there, but I've had no issues with rubbing or bottoming out. It also rides very nicely and corners very flat. I hear this set up is not as harsh as the stock suspension set up as well.
    I have the same kit and I love it. The car handles well and Iíve gone over some speed bumps and ramps that I thought for sure Iíd bottom out on but havenít yet.

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