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Thread: Question. Vendors that service D's in the Detroit Metro Area.

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    Question. Vendors that service D's in the Detroit Metro Area.

    All, I guess I should start this.

    Question. Vendors that service D's in the Detroit Metro Area....???

    I know Foreign Auto in Chesterfield Michigan on Gratiot just north of 23 Mile Road.

    Any others? Besides in Ohio?

    Asking so I can have an alternate if I can't fix and Foreign Auto is booked.

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    Back in 2006 we had 1/2 a tech day at Munk's in Pontiac.
    3080 West Huron (M59) Waterford, Michigan 48328
    I believe Byron has taken his car there from time to time. Chris the owner/pres is a real nice guy. They are also a "Four Star Bosch Service Center" and work on Volvos as well as other Euro makes.
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