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Thread: Any airbag retro fits done by DMC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawn101 View Post

    Late 80s/early 90s BMW steering wheel. Can't tell where the rest of it is from. Too Frankenstein for me
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    LMAO @ this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawn101 View Post
    Hey guys, I just ran across these pics. It looks like someone may have already taken the initiative on this project. The fit and finish... leaves something to be desired... but the branding is on point and I have no doubts at all that the safety of the implementation is top-rate.

    Check it out - dual front and even side airbags! Sign me up

    Does it have a flux capacitor?
    Does it run on 1.21 Giggawatts?
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    Air bags for Deloreans is something John Delorean was investigating and putting research money into. John worked with Jack Martens, and air bag expert engineer that time. Jack was the engineer who represented Allstate insurance in the early 1970s. He worked with GM to design the Air Cushion Restraint System in the mid 70s full size GM cars. These were great systems. They did not kill any kids. They did not damage your eyes. In fact, GM conducted experiments with piglets to make sure these air bags would not do this.

    Jack Made a presentation to the Delorean Midwest connection back around 1995 showing him working with JZD and the test Deloreans. A copy of Jacks slides was supposed to be made by the club, but the slides are MIA. Hopefully, they will find their way back into our hands in the future.

    But in regard to your question, these ACRS system were stand alone and could be installed in other vehicles. They were a great design with the drivers air bag 4 times bigger than today. The passenger air bag operated at TWO different pressures depending on the craSH SPEED. IN FACt, these air bags were so safe they did not put shoulder belts into the ACRS cars. GM made over 20,000 of this cars and their extreme safety records were used to force the installation in future cars.

    There are 4 components - a bumper sensor, a main computer with decelerometer, the steering wheel and the passenger air bag. They were a $300 option. There is a whole story of politics greed, corruption, etc. that stopped installation further in cars until 1991. Over 30,000 people died needlessly and over 300,000 were injured because of these greedy and corrupt people. But that is another true story.

    So could this system be retrofitted to a Delorean? Maybe. The biggest problem is size. They were designed for full size GMs. The GM steering wheel is 2" larger in diameter and the passenger air bag is about 4" two wide.

    I have been looking at installing this into the "Iron Man" Delorean. It would require a smaller Steering wheel. That is possible, especially if I am trying to put a steering wheel in with controls on it. The passenger air bag is more problematic because it is 4" too wide. Still thinking about this.


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    Do you know why JZD did not use the system? Was it the additional cost, the necessary testing or the liability? Or some combination of the three? Allstate also did a lot of funding and research with Brickin. That was also supposed to be a "safety" car. In fact it's designation was SV-1 (Safety Vehicle-1).
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    Allstate, the BMW Turbo, and the DSV- DeLorean Safety Vehicle

    There was a really fascinating article posted earlier this month about the birth of the DeLorean:
    Curbside Classics - The Best of 2018

    It includes Allstate, the BMW Turbo, and the DSV- DeLorean Safety Vehicle.

    The DSV- DeLorean Safety Vehicle

    In the article, there was a photo of JZD and Giorgetto Giugiaro with the first wooden mockup of what would become the DeLorean. Notice the front grill badge says JZD.:


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    I'm OK with no airbags if it means I won't have to live though the heartbreak of crashing my DeLorean.

    In all seriousness though, there are several good reasons already pointed out why retrofitting airbags is really cost prohibitive. Airbags are only one component of a complete restraint system that all need to work together to function as intended which need destructive testing to validate.

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    If it is any consolation, there are few reported deaths associated with the Delorean. Now, because of the limited use of most of them, the probability of death or serious injury is even lower. As proof, look how inexpensive the insurance is.
    David Teitelbaum

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