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Thread: How do you drive DeLoreans in Texas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC5180 View Post
    Can you post a video of it actuating?

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    I never re wired it when I put it on the Delorean. (Still retracts manual)
    More had it for shows and at the drag strip before, not a great video but itís all I have

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechionDigit View Post
    I live in Texas and I can't drive my DeLorean due to the fact that there's no front license plate (yes it is mandatory for rear and front license plates) on my DeLorean. How am I suppose to drive it without getting that weird bracket piece because I keep getting pulled over for 'not having one' but when they walk up to me I have to manually point at it since my DeLorean is low to the ground.
    The same rules apply here in Calif.

    I see a fair number of cars here that lack front plates. Tesla Model S and Model 3s, especially.

    The solution that works for me is to keep the D plate-free in front until I get nailed. The fix-it ticket requires bringing the car back to the cops after the fix. For that inspection I mount the front plate using the under-bumper bolt-on bracket (no drilling!). Then I go get the $40 ticket cleared - it isn't a moving violation here. The bracket and plate come right back off the next day.

    Averaging about 30K miles between citations so far.

    Your luck may vary....

    I like to imagine the cops have some kind of respect for the D and tend to leave us alone. But my front plate-free daily driver has gone 50K here without a citation, so maybe things are just different where I drive.
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    On my Previous Delorean here in CA, I used an inverted VW Rabbit front bracket. So that it mounts under the bumper, not into the face of it.

    If you remove it, you dont see any holes until your laying in the ground looking straight at your rock screen.
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    Never really had a problem driving around in a vehicle with no plates at all in Texas, let alone not having a front one. Only time I'd ever had an issue with a cop there was a corrupt Montgomery County sheriff who was trying to get me to sell him my car. Otherwise Texas cops are more likely to pull you over for cruising in the left lane on the highway than they are to bust you for the lack of a front plate. Especially with the Antique plates mentioned here. Unless of course you've done something to anger the local cops. So something doesn't sound right here with this question...

    BTW, antique plates in Texas have severe restrictions on them that the vehicle cannot be used for regular transportation. It's only allowed on the street for parades, club functions/special events, and travel to and from a repair facility. Classic Car plates there do not have this same restriction.

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    Texas front liscense plate

    Quote Originally Posted by DMC5180 View Post
    What are the driving limitations that go with that plate. Is it technically just for parades and car shows?

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    technically not everyday driven---parades, car shows, etc---drive mine weekly, sometimes several times a week---never any problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by leroylem View Post
    In Texas, if you register your Delorean as an antique vehicle, you do not need , nor are you given a front liscense plate---also you are not required to have an annual vehicle inspection---antique liscense is good for 5 year period, Cost me about $65 for 5 year period. All my collector/classic cars are registered as antique.

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    Yep - get an antique plate. That's what I've had for years now. Thankfully they got rid of the ugly buggy image in the middle of the plate and now its just a plain plate that says Texas Antique Vehicle.

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    Two plates required here in VA. Previous owner just screwed the plate onto the front bumper, so I do the same as well. I think it looks fine.

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    Black self-adhesive velcro (hook & loop) is the way to go, you can take off your plate for car shows and the black velcro is barely visible, also you can keep the plate in your car and drive without it, as sometimes you will 'accidentally' forget to re-attach it after a show.


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    Most States require the plate to be mechanically fastened. They don't want to see plates held on with tape, velcro or wire.
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    For what it's worth I've gone both ways.

    Had antique plates here in Oregon when my car wouldn't pas DEQ. With the Special Interest plates they only give you one and you are supposed to only drive for parades, club events, and car shows etc. $15 and they are good forever.
    Drove it almost every day in the fair weather months and never got pulled over. Now I have regular plates but no front plate and have still not been pulled over.
    That said your mileage may vary.

    As I understand it (or assume) not having a license plate is not an offense that warrants a stop. Now if you're speeding or run a stop sign and get pulled over they will tack that on. The only people I know who got dinged for no plate got the ticket from a parking meter enforcement officer and they were parked downtown. Meter wasn't expired - they just were ticketed for not having a plate.

    The laws in some jurisdictions, Washington State as an example (if I recall correctly), are written to include language that exempts vehicles through by their design do not have a way to mount a plate. Think some Ferraris or Lambos who's noses are so pointy it's near possible. That argument won't fly for a DeLorean. You might be able to argue that the car wasn't designed with a front license plate holder but I doubt that will work. IN fact, here in Oregon, the law actually has language that says the plate must be readily visible so that might even eliminate the front window option.

    I carry my front plate behind my seat. If I'm ever questioned I will try the excuse that it was mounted but I dinged a bollard and it fell off and I just haven't gotten around to reinstalling it. Hope it never happens.

    BTW - a friend had his bumper holes filled by Toby Peterson at DeLorean Service Northwest in Seattle... They even refurbed the black area (no paint) and you cannot see them. No idea what was used.

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