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Thread: CAR WIZARD Dives into DeLorean Fuel System!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC5180 View Post
    Iím 99.99% sure the small diameter pump assembly with the thick rubber hose used as a filler between the OEM style boot, is a Hervey product. You can clearly see the rubber filler in the boot when he is examining the deterioration. Itís likely the PO just wanted to keep the OE baffle assembly and chose to cobble it together to make it work. I have not looked on Herveys site for a couple years. He may not sell that pump assembly anymore In lew of the GM pump modules being used these days.

    Edit: I just looked on his site. He doesnít appear to sell it anymore, but there was at time period that he did back when the supply of direct fit OE pumps had become scarce.
    Now that I'm home and can look at the video full screen, I'm still not sure it's John's pump. He had the "power pump" which was smaller then the factory one but wasn't intended to go to the stock pickup line. Here's a pic:

    Notice how it has a tall neck a that the top while the one in the video doesn't. The video also shows some sort of bolt like thing right above the hose clamp on the bottom. Even if it was John's pump, it wasn't installed properly. Interesting enough, I see the additional boot that was added to adjust for the size difference looks to be in great shape. It's the factory boot that's turned to gum.


    I have his other fuel setup that uses the factory pump and boot but has a pickup screen directly fitted to the bottom of the pump and a different return line that sends the fuel straight down. The baffle is not a tuna can baffle either but something he made (Bill R was the one that used an actual tuna can). I put it in over 12 years ago and it's been running fine ever since. With that setup, there was nothing to really break down (the adapter between the pump and pickup screen was a friction fit piece made out of solid plastic).

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    CAR WIZARD Dives into DeLorean Fuel System!

    Thanks for refreshing my memory as to the originator of the tuna can setup. I had forgotten about Bill R on that one.

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    Not sure that set-up is even an old SpecialT item. It is possible whoever did that work just found a pump and made it fit and never ordered anything from any of the Delorean vendors. In any case it really doesn't matter since it is all garbage.
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