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Thread: Convert to later style dryer/accumulator

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    Convert to later style dryer/accumulator

    Hey guys,

    I have the early style AC dryer/accumulator (as shown). If I want to convert over to the later style dryer, would this kit from DMCH come with everything I need, minus the evaporator if mine's still ok?

    I already have new low and high side hoses designed for the later style dryer. I just don't have a new hose for the condenser to the dryer yet.



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    I think you need the "HUB" if you use stock hoses. I think DAP is the only one selling a "HUB". I think other vendors hoses work without the hub.
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    You'll need something to connect the high pressure switch and the high pressure relief valve to. That is assuming you have the "very early" AC system without the Hub Dave mentioned above, which judging by your picture is the case. This was added later and then the final iteration of the switch arrangement was the condenser adapter.

    Dave Swingle explains the different versions in post 10 of this thread:

    I chose to maintain the early style accumulator but added these 2 safety devices to the adapter. My work and parts used are detailed in this thread:

    I hope this helps you to figure out what you need.
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