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Thread: Information about delorean VIN 6960 for sale at 24K

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    Red face

    really thank you very much !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riley88 View Post
    I usually ask them to hold up a shoe in front of the car from different angles
    I'd ask for a VIN plate photo, and ask for a single specific coin to be placed on it, like a penny, nickel, dime or quarter. Instruct them to place the coin in upper-left, or upper-right, or wherever, changing it each time you need to ask.

    Proves they at least have access to the car.


    Keeper of the DeLorean Owners Directory, at

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    As it has been said, the owner is here on DMCTalk and is a fellow MN owner I also know personally.

    I've also posted about this to our MN owner's group so he will see it.
    David Proehl

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    I forwarded the link to the owner's personal e-mail in case he isn't watching here.

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    So the photos provided by this "seller" are of 6940, which was sold by dealer Moto Exotica of St Louis last year. They got the car from a museum auction not long before that. It's possible this "seller" simply made a typo... however, I doubt the guy would sell the car for 1/3 what he just paid for it. Here's the listing from last year:
    Louie Golden

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    Attention received.

    My car, #6960, is not for sale.

    Looks like plenty of the good folks here already figured that out.

    Thanks everybody.
    Jim Reeve

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    Hi Jim from Paul Cerny Kalispell, MT...

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