The seller even sent him a photos of his drivers license, looks like its probably a photoshop. The text looks to be floating a bit, like it was added to the photo.

He also sent him instruction on how to wire money including an account number, and more photos, probably swiped off of google.
One was of a Delorean car care kit from DMC Huston. People are probably convinced by stuff like that becuse they think those items are from the original dealership, and don't realize those are still available today. Another photo was of DMC Huston strut replacements still in the packaging. Since DMC always prints the customer's name on the sticker I thought maybe I'd be able to see who the order was for, but it looks like it was an order for Napa Auto Parts.

He also called the residents of the address on the drivers license, the people there have never heard a thing about a Delorean for sale.
I might add that my friend is an ex police officer, so I guess he's having fun toying with the scammer. I'd have ceased contact at first sign of a scam personally, But I guess he's having his fun wasting the scammers time.