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Thread: California Assebly Bill 2010 (AB-210 Smog Check Exemption)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Thanks for the support!

    Interesting question about your '82/83 D.

    Two points about that:
    1. Check your state registration card. The model year, at least as they have it in their records, is listed on it in the Model Yr field at the upper right. I guess this bill operates only on that data - if it passes.
    2. When you are in touch with the Committee you might additionally petition them to bump the limit up by a year. There's no explanation about why they capped the exemption at 1982.

    I will do the same thing, come to think of it, in a second reply to the Committee. No harm in asking.
    The registration card is stating it was licensed in 2013 and itís a 1983 model. The date first sold is 00/00/0000. Funny, as I never noticed that before.
    I will write them a letter and letís hope they will consider our requests.

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    The following information was included in the bill:

    "Provides a partial smog check exemption for a collector motor vehicle if the vehicle owner can demonstrate that the vehicle is insured as a collector motor vehicle, the vehicle is at least 35 model-years old (e.g., 1984 model year), the vehicle complies with certain exhaust emissions standards, and passes a functional inspection of the fuel cap and a visual inspection for liquid fuel leaks. Specifically, a collector motor vehicle is exempt from a visual or functional check of emission control devices, including the catalytic converter."

    I don't think I have "collector" insurance. I wonder if I can get AAA to provide a letter. Mine's an 83.

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    It looks like nothing happened. Did I miss something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTait View Post
    It looks like nothing happened. Did I miss something?
    Thanks for asking.

    Apparently the wheels in this committee turn pretty slowly.

    As of right now the bill still sits in the committee. I can't see anything more detailed than that - I check the status about twice a week.

    Status is listed this link. for folks to follow the fun.
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