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Thread: Identify this slave cylinder

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    Identify this slave cylinder

    Just pulled this out of my car, can anyone confirm whether it's original or not? It was supposedly replaced by the seller but that was less than 3 years ago and it's leaking already and it looks kind of old. 20190218_115325.jpg

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    It looks original but that doesn't mean it wasn't rebuilt or NOS (New Old Stock). If the interior bore is not corroded it is possible to rebuild it by just honing it and putting in new seals. If it is corroded inside it can be sleeved. Or you can buy one already sleeved. Pull the rubber boot off and see if it is full of fluid. If the boot has fluid inside, the piston seal is leaking. Remove the piston and inspect the bore. If the bore is all corroded or the fluid is dark and nasty and thick you should be replacing the master cylinder too. If the plastic line hasn't been replaced with a S/S line, now is a good time to do it. Inspect the hose from the reservoir to the master cylinder. If it looks like it is "sweating" replace it also. If you replace the master cylinder be sure to clean the reservoir well so you don't get dirt into your new master cylinder.
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    I've got a whole new kit on order from DPI. The seller had replaced the lines, reservoir & master but there was a lot of crud in the fluid when we were trying to bleed it & Josh recommended just replacing everything.

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    Almost everything.... We are sending you a detailed list of what can be safely cleaned and reused along with a prorated kit with what absolutely needs replaced. The complete kit includes all of the stainless hardware and brackets that shouldn't need replaced again.

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