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Thread: What wiper blades/ (oil filter?)

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    Unless you need something immediately, your best bet is to put an order together and get it from your favorite Delorean vendor. In many cases it works out cheaper and you KNOW the parts they sell you will fit and work. Obviously tires do not have to be purchased from a Delorean vendor but in many cases parts you need just aren't available locally anymore. Wiper blades are bought based on the length but nowadays you will have a hard time finding refills, most stores only sell the newer beam type blades and they won't fit unless you change the blade holder too. That is expensive since a refill only costs a couple of bucks each on e-bay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Hmmmmm that's odd
    lol Michael. When i get back to my car i can post and tell you what tires I have. They were just replaced a few months ago via Toby at delorean parts NW. he has read ALOT into tires and our options. Also there are trheads on the forum for this exact issue @OP
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    I hardly ever have to use they wipers.

    Unless your looking for windshield eye candy you probably can just remove them all together. I remember one D owner who removed his radiator because it was not needed in "3am street races"!
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