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    I recently picked up this car that was last registered in '99, not running, but otherwise in great shape with low miles. Going to get it on the road and see if the chassis is as fun as it looks. If so, it will likely get a motor swap as I have a problem with keeping things stock and like to be drunk with power. lol

    So far the fuel pickup assemblies have been fixed and the car runs, which was the biggest variable in the purchase. Now to work through the car to get it road worthy. There are a lot of updates to the DMC on the Instagram account lamborfuckinghini daily stories. But I will update the thread with major updates.

    The garage its joining. Front two are her cars, rear two are mine:

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    Also, thanks to the community with all the info for what to do to the car and find parts. Also, big thanks to Luke in Michigan for giving me direction with the purchase.

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    I can say you are a good sport, buying a can that needs a lot of work... Congrats. The DeLorean will get more looks than your other 4 LOL.


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    Wow, nice car collection! Congrats on getting the D. Did Magnum PI give you a ride over there to pick it up??? That'd be another beauty to have in the stable.

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    I need you to leave your car stock, because this is probably the only time we will own the same car but somehow mine is the faster one.
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    My best advice would be to get the car running as stock as you can and then decide what you want to do.That way you prove out all of the systems on the car so you will know what works and what doesn't. In the meantime you will have a lot of fun. It can take a while to complete an engine swap.
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    I recognize that front bumper lambo-effing-ghini...
    Welcome to the party pal!

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