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Thread: Framing John DeLorean - World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in April

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    Not sure on the Bluray specs as of now, but I will certainly be pushing for 4K as we shot the film in 4K.

    Quote Originally Posted by JBaker4981 View Post
    Congratulations Tamir! Just saw the trailer as well and it looks phenomenal. Can't wait to see this in theater.

    Any thoughts on if this is going to print to 4K UHD Bluray or are you going to stick to normal Bluray?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris 16409 View Post
    I was excited to see Morena Baccarin (of Deadpool & Gotham fame) play the role of Christina Ferrari. Very interested to see the final product.
    You spelled Firefly wrong...
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    Looks great Tamir!!

    Can't wait to see it!!

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    The trailer looks great! Congratulations! It's definitely on my must see list when it comes out.
    Darren T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamir A. View Post
    Yes, that is John's son Zach. He is much more private than Kathryn. I've been fortunate enough to have known him for 14 years and can call him a friend. His participation in the film helped elevate it greatly.
    DPI Josh mentioned in another thread recently about people's choice to enjoy their cars privately and to not be involved in the car community at all. I can only imagine how overwhelming it could get for John's son if not comfortable in the spotlight. Glad to hear you're friends with him. Would that 14 years coincide approximately with JZD's passing?

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    Very exciting.....thanks Tamir!
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    Can't wait to see this Tamir, congrats on making it happen!

    Wells Auto

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    According to the festival website they're announcing the schedule on the 13th. I might actually be on the east coast for part of the festival so I hope I can see it. So psyched, the preview we saw at DCS looked awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackb View Post
    You spelled Firefly wrong...
    HAha! indeed, I see what you did there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamir A. View Post
    Yes. Will be in Theaters and On Demand June 7th!
    What do you mean by "on Demand" Tamir? like DVD/Bluray? also is it exclusive to U.S cinemas or will we get it over here in the UK?
    btw saw the trailer this morning and looks amazing, Alec Baldwin was a surprise to be sure but a welcome one cant wait to see it
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