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Thread: Did I totally screw up my Carburetor

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    Did I totally screw up my Carburetor

    So I was looking to rebuild my motorcycle carburetors all was going well.instead of taking the traditional route and using a degreaser can and letting them sit in there I opted for a sonic cleaner and used super clean detergent. when I took the carburetor out of the machine there was tons of white foam on it so I then put it in The can of gunk carburetor parts cleaner and this is the end result. I donít know what to make of this black stuff wonít wipe off and is all over my hands when handling the carb
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    Super Clean Detergent contains Sodium Hydroxide which is corrosive. The white powder you saw afterwards is corrosion. Normally you'd neutralize the chemical afterwards by rinsing well or washing in mild detergent.

    The chemicals in the carburetor cleaner probably turned that corrosion into aluminum powder / smut.

    Does the black powder feel slippery? If so that's normal aluminum powder.

    When I polished an aluminum banjo fitting using Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish, the fitting turned black because the acidic polish was removing material, as a first step to make it shine. The fitting was originally blue anodized.

    I'd try Mother's on a test spot to see if it removes the black residue. ( or a mild acid like lemon juice). You'll have to use a cloth to rub the aluminum afterwards.

    Then, you can neutralize acids with a sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) solution .

    Here's the package for Mother's if you want to try that. (I also used it to polish other parts like the stainless steel frames for the bottom door seals.)


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    Iíll give it a shot thanks

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    Was thinking about this and I would try Carburetor Cleaner. It comes in a 1 gallon can with a basket inside and you dip the parts in it and let them soak. They sell it at AutoZone but any large auto store should have it.
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    Soaking as we speak thanks !

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    If a caustic solution caused this, you might try an acidic one to see if it 'reverses' it. Vinegar in water. Barkeeper's Friend I believe is acidic too. Keep it mild. Soak. Rinse.
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    Going to take it out of the can of carb cleaner today. If that didn't work , I'll try the vinegar with water. I'll post results here

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