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Thread: Another guy claiming to own a screen used Time Machine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas R View Post
    Interesting; Lake Buena Vista, FL is about 95% Disney World property. I'm more curious where this shop actually is (as I too am posting from Lake Buena Vista, FL).

    I'm also a little surprised that someone in town from New York would take their car to a mechanic shop near Disney, when DMCFL is less than a 15 minute drive away.

    The screen used comment doesn't bother me; I assume all owners lie or embellish about their cars. I've told people with a straight face that John DeLorean was my neighbor growing up and he gave me my car (one of many he allegedly owned) in exchange for a great deal of yard work, and other assorted house projects (I like to say I helped him build a deck). It's my favorite response to when people ask how much I paid for it
    Yeah... I'm gonna steal this one.

    Steven Maguire

    IT'S A TRAP!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mluder View Post
    Yeah... I'm gonna steal this one.

    Ditto, since he did live in San Diego for a while...

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