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Thread: Reproduction mirror switch project

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidProehl View Post
    Will the internals be compatible with original shells? That would be helpful for repairing broken originals.
    No, it will be totally different animal inside - PCB with some standard electronic components will be used.

    If there's some need for spare parts for original switch, I could check if it's feasible to 3D-print them, but I need to finish reproduction design first.

    If you think of upgrading original shell with new internals - well, that seems possible, but also needs a separate project.
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    The plastic is by now old and prone to cracking that I wouldn’t even want to reuse the case. Maybe that is just mine though.
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    That plastic was never good to begin with. Add the years and temperature changes and... I'm afraid to touch mine because it might just turn to dust
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