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Thread: Reproduction mirror switch project

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidProehl View Post
    Will the internals be compatible with original shells? That would be helpful for repairing broken originals.
    No, it will be totally different animal inside - PCB with some standard electronic components will be used.

    If there's some need for spare parts for original switch, I could check if it's feasible to 3D-print them, but I need to finish reproduction design first.

    If you think of upgrading original shell with new internals - well, that seems possible, but also needs a separate project.
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    The plastic is by now old and prone to cracking that I wouldn’t even want to reuse the case. Maybe that is just mine though.
    -----Dan B.

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    That plastic was never good to begin with. Add the years and temperature changes and... I'm afraid to touch mine because it might just turn to dust
    Greetings from Poland!

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    Being backlit would be a great idea.

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    After some noticeable delay (: in design finishing (had to focus on another urgent project in the meantime), prototype mechanical parts arrived finally. Here are the results:

    Prototype #1 partially assembled, waiting for some machined parts (pivots):


    Prototype #2 assembled fully:

    IMG_20190524_192200325_.jpg IMG_20190524_191538169_.jpg

    And here's some comparison with OEM switch:


    Decal cut-out will be later filled with white resin, flush with the switch housing. Surface finish is more grainy and totally matt, but this can be addressed by some polishing - I plan to take care of it at the very end of the project. Good news is that mechanical parts of proto #2 work quite well. #1 still needs to be evaluated after completion of assembly.

    The PCB design is now in progress. As soon as PCB and electronic components arrive, next step will be a functional test. If any of the prototypes proves to be functional, endurance testing will take place - I plan to prepare a test bench and make at least 10 000 switching cycles in both directions, with ambient temperatures varying between -20 and +80 degrees Celsius.

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    Please sell me your old switches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drive Stainless View Post
    Please sell me your old switches!
    As for me, nothing for sale at the moment. And I'll always need my OEM switch as a master part.

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    I really appreciate the amount of work going into this project. It looks great so far and with the modern PCB it should be more robust than the original. I'd be on board for one of these just to support the efforts.

    My OEM switch works but is a little flaky at times so a replacement wouldn't hurt... even though I've only really adjusted the mirror a handful of times in the past 10 years. I've got extended convex mirrors from Tomcio so i can pretty much see everything no matter how the mirrors are adjusted.
    Mark Dehlinger

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    That's truly amazing! Great job!

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    Great work. Looks awesome. Very interested. Good luck!

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