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Thread: DeLorean for sale VIN 4023 real or fake? 40.000$

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    Lightbulb DeLorean for sale VIN 4023 real or fake? 40.000$

    Hi, I'm Michele from Italy.
    I have find a delorean on website
    link ( )
    The VIN number is 4038. It's located in Belgium ( 3740 Bilzen - Belgio )
    Can be real or fake? Price is 35.000 EUro = 40.000$
    does anyone know the owner of the vehicle?
    Thank You!

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    I drove true Belgium last week and did not see any palm Trees overthere like in the picture's.
    Is there a phone number in the ad? Just call it and see what happens. Probably a fake ad but you never know

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    On the vin registry this car was last reported as being in California on 4/18/2016. That seems to match the pictures.

    So I suppose it is possible in the last 3 years the car was sold, shipped to Belgium, and now the seller is using 3 year old pictures from when it was in California to resell it. If interested, I'd ask how long the owner has had the car and if it is more than 3 years you'll have a good idea it is a scam. I'd also ask for more recent photos including frame photos.

    The mileage on the listing says 14,600km...that might be ok as it was listed as 14,329 miles in the registry. Likely the buyer didn't convert miles to kilometers. That would also mean the car has been driven less than 300 miles in 3 years.

    Finally, the vin registry has a note that the car has stainless headers on it. Either make sure you see photos of the stainless headers or ask for the service history and see if it shows up as being removed at some point....without telling him you know anything about the headers of course.
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    David Proehl

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    One of the best ways to prove that it is genuine is to ask for a specific photo like the VIN plate in the driver's door jamb and the odometer. If he can't produce it, then it is probably a scam. You can also ask for a scan of the Title, that way you can see whose name is on it and the mileage when it was bought. Make sure the VIN # is correctly indicated and nothing has been tampered with.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Other photos (VIN)
    He bought the car in 2016, drove around 1200 aprox
    Attached Images

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    Two different license plates in the pictures, and also maybe a typo but looks 4088 on the invoice. Besides that, invoices are great and all that but already 4 years old.
    -----Dan B.

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    Vin#04038 was bought in 1989 by a (Belgian) friend of mine and was imported into Belgium. The owner moved to Cincinnati in 2008 with his family and took the car with him (registrationplate 'GOT TIME'). In september 2016 he sold it to a Dutch guy who lived and worked in Belgium and was registered with Belgian plates ('O AZF 955', the one you see in the picture).

    I didn't know it was for sale again? The ad seems to be removed ...

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    Funny thing is it was allegedly in CA in '16
    -----Dan B.

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    Red face

    yesterday it was sold. thank you very much for the answers!

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