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Thread: Which flexible brake lines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r00b View Post
    "They meet or exceed DOT, Federal Vehicle Safety Standards". I don't see a problem, unless you like an exorbitant markup.
    While the hose materiel may meet Federal standards, if it is not the correct length with the correct fittings, it is not safe to use in the car. We are not talking about such an expensive part that you should risk compromising safety but the choice is entirely up to you. I am not saying you can't find a cross/over part that fits, just make sure it is EXACTLY the right length and the fittings are the same. When installing brake hoses be sure not to twist the hoses, follow the external ribbing and keep the hose straight so t won't kink. Make sure the hose doesn't rub against anything also. When working on the calipers never let them hang by the hose.
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    I noticed the Centric lines had the same part number for the capri and the jaguar. I ordered a pair of Centric and a Pair of longer Raybestos lines.
    Here's a Centric line next to the lines I removed.

    The Centric lines will work front and back. Here I test fit a Centric to the front.

    I'm going to use them in the back.

    The longer Raybestos lines are perfect for the front, I added the guard from the old line.

    The Centric lines are about 13 inches. The Raybestos lines are over 14, and about and inch shorter than the old ones.

    Here's what to buy.

    Front - RAYBESTOS BH38542 $12.70 each,1792

    Rear - Centric 15061100 $7.56 each,1792
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