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Thread: BBC News - John DeLorean: The Legacy of a Controversial Car Designed

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    BBC News - John DeLorean: The Legacy of a Controversial Car Designed

    * Controversial Car Designer

    A friend of ours made sure we saw this online BBC News article today - passing it along here for others to enjoy:

    It keys off the two upcoming DeLorean movies and is centered around an interview with Stephen Wynne at DMCH. It includes photos and a couple of video links, one for the e-DeLorean and one for the Framing John DeLorean movie.

    No comment on the BTTF Smart car video.

    The opening lines:
    Two forthcoming films about mercurial car engineer John DeLorean have revived interest in his most famous creation, writes journalist James Bartlett.
    Passing private homes and an unmanned self-storage facility, it seemed even less likely that Humble, Texas (population 15,997), is the world headquarters of an automotive icon.
    Then you take a left curve, and a line-up of gasp-inducing gleaming silver sports cars comes into view.
    Standing alongside them is Stephen Wynne, the CEO and mastermind of all things DeLorean since he bought the remaining stock of parts and tooling in 1996.
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