Universal who is handling International unfortunately doesn't want to do a Blu Ray / DVD release. I'll continue to push now that my US Distributor is doing this US run of Blu-Rays. Or you may just have to get a region free Blu-Ray/DVD player and buy the Region A disc.

Posters aren't being sold, I think someone is illegally printing some based off of a probably low quality digital online file. So I would avoid those. The US posters have a limited print amount and a lot have been given away at events as special gifts, etc. I imagine there will be a few more scenarios to get some in the future though, so fear not. There are 3 official posters that have been made, all 3 options are below (Main Art, Archival Art, International Art):

Delorean_Instagram_Final.jpg FramingJohnDelorean_ArchivalWeb.jpg FJD_INTL-Poster.jpg


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Tamir, just noticed this is Region A... any plans for a Region B/Region Free version?

Oh and any word on the posters!? :-)