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Thread: Mystery Black Box near Fuel Sender

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    Mystery Black Box near Fuel Sender

    Can anybody identify the black box in the upper center of this picture (that insisted on being posted upside-down). The 3 wires from the fuel sender go into this box, then another set of wires goes from it, to a wiring harness connector. I'm just trying to get confirmation that is an extra component related to the aftermarket VDO fuel sender in my car, and that it can be safely removed before installing the DMC fuel pump/sender combo. Thanks in advance.

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    You have some kind of Netcom’s TankZilla. The black box is the logic control for the sender, so it will send the correct signal to the dash gauge. Somebody else had a similar black box. If the sender works somebody may want to buy it off you.

    This what the TankZilla box looked like in other iterations.

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    Yeah I have a similar box for my Tankzilla.

    If you opened it up it's probably just a bunch of resistors inside to allow the non-OEM level sender to display the correct reading on the gauge.

    If you're going to be running the DMCH fuel pump/sender combo you can delete the extra converter box.
    Mark Dehlinger

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    Ok, thanks guys. I had a feeling it had something to do with calibrating the fuel gauge.

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    If you are upgrading the fuel pump and sender to the "all in one" from DMCH you will have to remove that black box. Keep it with the sender and you can sell it, it is worth some money if it works.
    David Teitelbaum

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