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Thread: During my trip to Megacon I paid the Georges Music Delorean a visit.

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    During my trip to Megacon I paid the Georges Music Delorean a visit.

    This car is mess. I have never seen such a horrible front fascia.

    I have known this car for 10 years. She could be saved though!!
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    Let's leave it outside all the time to rot. Wondering what the black box is underneath the front of the car. Needs to go to DPI or Houston - it CAN be saved!

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    It's a Super Fox Radar detector.

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    Unpopular opinion maybe...: I don't think it looks that bad. That front fascia is far from the worst I've seen. Yeah the paint is bubbling and it's got minor eyebrows, but it's far from destroyed. The car is sunbaked, but the frame doesn't look half bad on it. I've seen people pull way worse cars out of fields, barns, etc.

    Also, as much as you hate to see a car parked like that, it no doubt has paid for itself several times over in advertising. International Drive in Orlando probably has the biggest concentration of tourism in the state of Florida. I'm sure that DeLorean has lured plenty of tourists into that store. For that reason, that car will always be there.

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