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Thread: Power Steering Options?

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    Power Steering Options?

    I know there's the EU Electric Power Steeting kit (~$3000) and the DMC one for ~$2100. Surely there is a generic/universal kit that fits? Has anyone done that and what are your thoughts on this?

    If anyone has done the DMC kit - how much work was it to install?

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    A universal electric kit is a little cheaper.

    Some other options would be retrofitting an electric column out of an oem application. It seems like Saturn Vue (and similar) columns have been used in swap applications as well has Toyota Prius (and similar) columns.

    Also, a crazy idea... At least one owner has fitted a miata steering rack to his car. Using the powered version of this rack and a power steering pump on the engine could get you going with junkyard parts and some fabrication. You would need some long hoses, but any tractor supply could crimp those up for you. This is especially intriguing to me as the LS4 comes with a power steering pump attached. No wiring involved.

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    The Equinox and Vue electric steering columns seem to have a good amount of support in that you can buy various types of controllers to mimic the speed input that would vary the amount of assist based on speed in the original car.
    I’ve seen simple ones with manually adjustable potentiometers and more complex speed related ones on eBay.
    As the Vue/Equinox columns have been used a lot in various vehicles there is a good bit of info about them if you google around and you can even buy universal fitting brackets to make mounting easier. I gather that one of the plus points of the Vue/Equinox unit is that the motor disengages in the event of power loss or any other problems so you don’t suddenly end up with impossible-to-turn steering if anything fails while driving - it just behaves exactly like before it had power steering.

    I looked briefly at this and it didn’t look too hard of a project, particularly if you were prepared to cut up your existing or a spare Delorean column. I was going to look at how best to keep some collapsibility in the new columns for safety’s sake but never got any further with it. I’m not sure if the power steering solutions you can buy mentioned above have done this ??
    You would have to place some trust in the person who modifies, joins and welds the column to fit !!

    In Europe the Vauxhall/Opel Corsa electric column seems to have become the donor of choice for these kind of projects with similar support with assist controllers, brackets etc. I’m sure I read a U.K. owner had done this but I can’t think where I saw it. Maybe search the U.K. Delorean forums.
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    I've checked out the DMC version on a few cars at DMCFL. Its nothing short of amazing.

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    Power Steering

    This is on my to do wish list. I have a spare D column and Toyota Prius motor and controller out of a Prius. The Toyota system go into limp mode after about 10 seconds.

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