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Thread: Center vent air flow question

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    Center vent air flow question

    The airflow coming out of the center vents is not consistent between each side. The right vent blows a lot of air and the left vent hardly any. Is this a common issue with the car and if so, is there a fix so both center vents blow the same amount of air?

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    There are two rubber adapters between the AC box and the vents. Likely the blocked one is out of position. Common issue from aftermarket radio installation, or someone might have bent it while working something in the center console.

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    With the car parked someplace dark shine a strong light into each side of the center vent to look for the blockage. While looking in there be sure each of the two center vent flap wheels is in the open position.

    Here is a thread with solutions to the center vent adapter installation problem:
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