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Thread: Fir trees on Amazon?

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    Fir trees on Amazon?

    Are there any fir trees on Amazon that are actually the correct fit? These appear like they might be similar but want to see if anyone’s actually tried any.
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    I'm curious about this as well.

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    A lot of the plastic clips for our car are the same as a landrover, quick search and I found these I haven't tried them.

    I was was thinking you might want a twist kind
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    I've had experience with the Amazon Fir trees for another application. If you look at several of the vendors, you can find some that give very detailed and precise dimensions of the product.
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    Two different trim pages on DMC has 2 different types:

    Door trim, Round hole, $1.13 each:

    General interior trim, key hole, $0.51 each:

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    I recommend ditching the fir trees and going with magnets. It makes the removal and installation of door panels much easier. I did it to my car and have never looked back. There is a thread here on the forum somewhere discussing it.

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