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Thread: Curious Leak from AC Compressor?

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    I once had a compressor bolt fall out (not on a DeLorean). The result was a leak like your seeing. The threads were stripped but it had held many years with no problems. I guess the factory had messed it up or some vibration that made if fail. I did fix it using a helicoil.
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    Unless you're looking to be real adventurous and have a bunch of time, I'd recommend just putting in a new compressor that's brand new from Sanden rather than NOS and it's also a direct drop in replacement. Same as the original. This is that compressor:

    I've had the same one in my car for about 5 years and it's been perfect. If you're using R12 like I am, simply drain out the PAG oil that is pre-filled at the factory and replace it with an equal amount of mineral oil. Fill the system with R12 and you're all set. If you're using r134a, even better. Just mount it, connect the hoses, and fill the system with refrigerant.

    The 4708 model of the SD7H15 couldn't be a more perfect fit for the DeLorean, no matter which refrigerant you're using.

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