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Thread: Recommendations for Display Car for Display in Retro Arcade Bar

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    Recommendations for Display Car for Display in Retro Arcade Bar

    Hi guys, I've been lurking for a while. I'm a big nerd and always loved the Deloreans.
    I own a retro arcade/craft beer bar in the Dayton Historical district. I want to buy a car for permanent display in the bar to go with the retro theme.
    If it happened to be in decent enough shape to get it running, i'd like to put a magnetic logo sticker on it to take it to special events and advertise the brewcade.

    I need something 20k or less. I've fixed up a lot of cars so it definitely doesnt need to be remotely perfect or even running, just needs to have all the parts and be mechanically sound with some work.
    Any thoughts on what my best option would be for a fixer upper? Anyone interested in a selling a project car?

    Ive looked on ebay and cars tend to be outside my price range. Any help would be appreciated. Jim

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    It's going to be hard to find a runner for 20, but you can find fixer uppers in that range pretty much all day long...bear in mind "fixer upper" denotes both mechanical and cosmetic. Try Beverley Hills Car Club. They have probably sold more DeLoreans than anyone that fall within your requirements.

    I have seen great deals (running cars that look nice) for 20k and even less but they are far and few between and they do not last long. We are talking hours here, not days or weeks. Most likely you can get a decent car and make it a good looking static display for around 20k if you keep a look out but I seriously doubt you will get one that is reliable enough to drive to events and looks nice for 20. Heck, the 25k rule was the standard and that was a decade ago, prices have done nothing but go up since.

    In the end your best bet is to pay up and get a good looking running car because whatever you buy for 17-20 will need money and time to get it the way you want it. It's been said many times, the most expensive DeLorean you can buy is a cheap one
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    You're probably right. Being able to drive it may be wishful thinking on my part.

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    In that price range, I think your only chance is to get lucky at an auction.

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    Just a side note. A magnetic logo will not stick to the stainless.

    Dave B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHO1DMC View Post
    Just a side note. A magnetic logo will not stick to the stainless.

    Dave B.

    Ha! Now that's good to know! I guess static stickers will be in order then. God knows Id never put a real sticker on.
    Im watching a car on ebay, and I've been looking on autotempest. I'll probably never find something good on the CA club site since they seem to appear and disappear rapidly.
    Any other auction sites I should be looking at?

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    I think someone got lucky on Bring a Trailer awhile back. I found mine on Ebay for what I think was lucky back almost 3 yrs ago. Like others have said you just might have to wait for one of the "lucky" buys. If you want more of just a static display then I'm sure you could get one under 20.

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