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Thread: Best door struts?

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    Best door struts?

    I See that DMC now has the stabilis door struts that slow down as they close for $30 a piece it appears.
    Here’s the thing, John Hervey offered these several years ago and they appear they look exactly the same and they were the same brand and had the slow closing feature but one of them has already gotten weak on me. Are these the best ones to get or is there an alternative that works well? Thanks
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    PJ Grady or Delorean Go are good options.
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    Stabilus was the original equipment manufacturer for all lift struts on the car. I have always had best results with Stabilus. You can get the correct Stabilus door struts on RockAuto for about $20. They hold up well over time.
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    I just got a pair from PJ Grady and they do have the nice "slow down" at the top of the stroke so the doors don't bounce when they open. They cost more than Rock Auto. Figure if you get 5 years out of a set you are doing OK. It is impossible to tell what you are getting by comparing the outside appearance.
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    +1 on the PJ Grady struts. I've had them on my car for about three years now and the doors still open quickly even in colder temps. As already mentioned, they have the soft stop at the end of travel so the door doesn't bounce at the top. I believe they are also the correct colors to match the original factory look.

    Prior to the Grady struts I had a pair from DMCH... They were good for about a year but after that the doors wouldn't fully lift on their own were were drooping when it got cold. After two 1/2 years I had to lift the doors up by hand and the doors would not stay up all the way regardless of temperature. Sounds like they are no longer carrying these though if they've switched to Stabilus
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    +2 on the Grady ones.
    I've tried DMCH, and Jonh Hervey's and the Grady ones have lasted the longest and worked he best in cold weather.
    Of course I bought them maybe 3 years ago so I can't speak about what he offers today.

    Steven Maguire

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    Anyone bought door struts from DMCH lately? I just received a set, and they have no slow-down at all at the top of travel, despite that promise on the sales page.
    Is there something wrong or is this normal? I see people love theirs from Grady -- wondering if I need to switch.

    My previous set was from DMCH, and I was very happy with them. In fact, they lasted forever! I installed them in 2004.
    Derek L
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    Mine are from DMCH. I got them about 5 years ago and yeah, they bounce at the top.
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    You can't always go by the description on the website. When the stock runs out sometimes they have to change vendors or the part is not exactly the same as previously ordered. If you want the latest information, it is best to call. From my experience the struts PJ Grady offers seem to be the best but not the cheapest. They do seem to last longer, compensate for temperature, and have the soft stop when opening. The last set I ordered, one was stronger than the other. I just switched sides and it seemed to be OK. You can't adjust both door torsion bars to be exactly the same. If you need struts for the bonnet and the engine cover too, some vendors have a deal if you buy a whole set of 6.
    David Teitelbaum

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    You want PJ Grady's struts....accept no substitute! The absolute best and custom manufactured for his specifications. And they dampen very well at the top, even after several years.
    Patrick C.
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