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Thread: 1981 VIN 3341, 5-Speed, Gray Interior

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    My VIN:    3341

    1981 VIN 3341, 5-Speed, Gray Interior

    1981 Delorean
    VIN: 03341
    Gray Interior
    Grooved Hood
    Mileage: 34,000

    Location: Houston (Humble), Texas (USA)
    Price: $36,000

    Description: An average mileage 1981 DeLorean that was refurbished by DMC in 2005. It runs/drives well, has good stainless and a rust-free frame. Leather seats are in excellent condition.

    The good news is; that I’ve retired. Well that’s great for me, not so much for you, unless you are in the market for a pretty good DMC-12. Right now, the car is located at DMC in Humble/Houston having its latest round of work completed (see 2019 work items below) and it can be viewed there. Other than being viewable at the DMC facility in Humble, DMCTalk is the only place I’m listing it…for now. I believe this will initially help draw only serious prospective buyers.

    I purchased VIN 03341 in December 31, 2005, so I’ve owned it about 13.5 years. I believe I’m ready to sell due to my retirement and the fact that my wife and I will be moving (eventually), not sure where yet, but I’m getting ready. I have lived in the Houston metro area for many years and I purchased the car from DeLorean Motor Company in Houston/Humble as a completely refurbished car. The car under my ownership has remained in Texas so there is virtually no rust on the frame or otherwise.

    DeLorean Service History and other Documented Service/Invoices for VIN 03341. All work has been performed by me, unless indicated otherwise (indicated by “DMC”).

    • Initial purchase from DMC,VIN 03341 refurbished (quote from DMC contains 10 pages of parts replaced and service items performed)

    • Dead Pedal Kit
    • Lighter replacement
    • Console Edge Strip
    • A/C Recharge (DMC)
    • Fuel tank clean out (DMC)
    • Console On/Off switch for accessory lighting
    • Evaporator drain tube cleanout

    • Stripe, thin (not installed, but will provide in box with the car)
    • Floor mats, new
    • A/C charge and relay
    • Blinker/side marker alternate flash (back)
    • Cooling system self air bleeder
    • Door LED Lights

    • LED replacement in center panel

    • Tach/Fuel Relay
    • Battery Shutoff/Cutoff

    • Interior LEDs
    • Oxygen sensor

    • A/C Service (DMC)
    • Catalytic Converter & Gasket (DMC)
    • Muffler and Shield (DMC)
    • Left Exhaust (DMC)
    • Coolant freeze plug block repair (DMC)
    • Alternator Belt
    • Replace fuel pump (new integrated from DMC)
    • Replace fuel filter and line filter-to-distr.
    • Bosch Ignition Coil
    • Replace O2 sensor

    • Door LED Lights (2 rear, blue, 1 each door)

    • Replace Window Switch
    • Replace Windshield Wipers
    • Mattaligner

    • Replace Clutch Master Cylinder

    • Air Filter
    • Lighter Upgrade
    • Inertia Switch

    • Cooling Fan Switch (Otterstat)
    • New Spare Tire (Discount Tire)
    • Exterior Mirror replacement (left)
    • Alternator Belt
    • Door Struts (left and right)
    • Service Bulletin SB-07-10/2017 (Fuel Module Wiring Update)

    • New otterstat

    • RF wheel stud replacement (DMC)
    • Water Pump and all associated components (DMC)
    • Coolant replacement
    • Intake manifold replace O-rings (DMC)
    • Replace throttle housing (DMC)
    • New Radiator, mounts, hoses, clamps and reservoir (DMC)
    • Fuel filter (in tank) (DMC)
    • Fuel feed/return hoses (DMC)
    • Replacement Fuel pump (DMC)
    • Fuel filter (DMC)
    • Fuel tank cleanout (DMC)
    • New battery (DMC)
    • AC service evacuate, test and charge, Red Tek (DMC)
    • Window Switch
    • Minor frame rust repair with POR 15 from prior clutch MC leak
    • Fuel tank cover panel repair, sand blast, prime & repair


    • Left door could use aligning
    • Unfortunately it has a Dash-Mat. It came with the car when I bought it, so obviously the dash has a crack in it, and it should be replaced.
    • Some carpet pieces have faded
    • Power door locks do not work (manual lock works fine)
    • Possibly other minor things that I will post when I recall or find them)

    This car stayed garaged and high and dry during the Harvey flooding in 2017 in Houston. It is not a daily driver but has been started and run regularly. It is not driven all that often (another reason I’m selling), but I do keep a log of each time it is run or driven.

    Below are a few pictures for now. Please PM me here if interested or you need specific information. In a few days, I will setup and provide a link to a webpage with more pictures and information about the car.






    Thanks for looking.


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    My VIN:    3341

    I have added an outside web page with a little bit more information and few more pictures to get started. I intend to add lots more pictures including closeups of the stainless, wheels/tires, interior, engine, and documentation. Please bear with me as I assemble more information and pictures. I will also add specific pictures as requested.

    Here is the link: VIN03341.


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    My VIN:    3341

    Posted invoices of work done on the car for the 13+ years I've owned it.

    Can be seen at: VIN03341.

    I will be adding lots of pictures soon.

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    My VIN:    3341

    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen View Post
    I will be adding lots of pictures soon.
    A little late, sorry for the delay, but as promised I added some 65 pictures. Can be seen at: VIN03341. Will be adding another invoice or two as additional work is done.

    Thanks for looking.

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    My VIN:    3341

    Additional work performed by DMCH in August 2019:

    • Roof Box inspection & repair, incl. weather stripping & torsion bar adjustments, windshield reseal
    • Wiper Arms
    • Lower Ball Joints & control arms
    • 4-Wheel Alignment

    Also, price reduction to $32k.

    More info can be found on my webpage at: VIN03341.

    Please PM me here, or use contact information on above web page. Thanks for looking.

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