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Thread: TAB washers

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    TAB washers

    Hi guys,

    I recently removed tabs and washers and I found that the hardened washers around the bushing are marked where they sit against the bushing inner sleeve:


    (not my pic but my washers look like the same)

    Can I simply turn the washers to have the sleeve sitting on the unmarked sides?

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    I don't see why not. I don't recall the washers being hardened though, at least not the OEM washers.
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    One other thing to consider is that if the washers are deformed like that the trailing arm bolts may have been over-torqued at some point. I'd recommend also inspecting the inner metal sleeve of the trailing arm bushings to check for any mushrooming or deformation. If the bushing sleeve has been crushed and compressed then you probably want to replace the bushings since they may no longer hold proper clamp load. For all the attention the bolts get the bushings are equally as important in that joint.

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