Hi guys,

I might need to work on an interior project soon. I have a 4-channel amp mounted on the rear wall of my car. The amp is mounted on a carpeted board and then there is a form-fit carpeted cover that goes over the amp so it's a clean install but you can see the heatsink of the amp in the opening of the cover. Unfortunately this amp is giving me problems and it's not available anymore to replace. I'm going to have to either fix it (probably not worth it) or replace it. A replacement will not be the same size as this one so I need to make a new frame around a new amp. So, I'm going to need some more carpet to redo the entire thing.

This stereo was installed like 15 years ago 800 miles away from me so hopefully I can't really get the same stuff anymore.

Here are some pictures - https://photos.app.goo.gl/oT4JQdKwGxgzuMFeA

Anyone know where I can get bulk grey carpet that matches the DeLorean? I have the thicker light grey type so would prefer it to match the floors if possible.